Welcome to the First Family Resource Center! Our desire is to create an engaging, family atmosphere where you and your loved ones will feel right at home. Our heart is rooted in the Christian value of serving one another in love. FFRC is a place where you will enjoy freedom of intellectual and social advancement. With that aim, help and assistance are always available from our knowledgeable compassionate staff. Someone is willingly available to guide you through the multitude of resources we offer to help you learn valuable, new skills and take full control of your future.

As a non-profit organization, we offer programs and trainings that will jumpstart your life and help you become a contributing member of the community. Whether you are a single parent seeking to enter the workforce, a young adult that did not graduate high school, a child that needs help with school work, or a senior citizen that needs to do something more in life than play Bingo, FFRC’s mission is to help identify your need and support you through targeted and engaging education.

Thank you for supporting the vision of First Family Resource Center. We are committed to the families of our community and will work hard to ensure that we make a difference.

About Us

First Family Resource Center believes in second chances for all. There is a pressing financial need in Broward and surrounding counties, yet we know that there are more than enough resources to share with these residents. Any disadvantage widens the equity gap and creates a never-ending cycle of poverty, which increases the chance of crime and imprisonment. The absence of awareness creates unnecessary lack; therefore, it is our mission to share our knowledge and make these resources readily available by bringing them directly to the community, ensuring that no one is left behind.

This is a newly established organization that has recognized a need, particularly among our young adults. The Director- an accomplished educator of more than forty years, and her highly qualified staff, have stepped forward to alleviate this need. The company was formed to provide safe, community accommodations by offering education and vocational courses for our residents. The skills learned through these courses will afford our residents financial stability that will equip them for life.


Director, Ms. Mervis Rahman,

First Family Resource Center.
P.O. Box 279162,
Miramar, Fl. 33027